Land Rover for Rent

You may not be Crocodile Dundee, but in a Land Rover for rent, you could be an Alligator Adams, braving Highway 441 on your way to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. A 10-foot alligator briefly stopped traffic on this road back in 2008, but we can’t promise the same will happen on your trip. But if it does, at least you’ll be observing the creature in luxury and from a safe distance in your Land Rover while you wait for the licensed trapper to come and remove the beast.

With a luxury interior and generous seating, the Land Rover Sport is an economical way to get around Miami and the surrounding areas. Perfect for day or weekend trips, it will carry your luggage, your picnic accessories, and your fishing gear with plenty of room left over for additional passengers. Enjoy the sunroof and infotainment system on select SUVs as you explore the greater Miami area.

When you reserve a Land Rover for rent from EMC Exotics, you can be confident that you’ll receive superior service. Our commitment is to your satisfaction; we’ll accommodate your schedule. Our trained technicians will ensure your vehicle is delivered in top condition, and we’ll also throw in a full tank of gas. (Please return your rental to us the same way, or we’ll have to charge you extra to refill the tank).

Whether you’re headed to a concert, club, or sporting event, you can ride there in comfort in a Land Rover from our fleet of luxury rentals. Enjoy the sights of Miami and the attractions of Florida in this versatile, comfortable SUV, which looks as great on city streets as it does on rural highways.

Choose from a white or black Range Rover Sport or the classic matte black Range Rover to serve as your luxury transportation for the duration of your stay in Miami. Call EMC Exotics, and we’ll prepare the vehicle for you and deliver it to your hotel or rental house. From there, you can assume the driver’s seat and start your tour from ocean to inland. Contact EMC Exotics to reserve your luxury vehicle today.

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