The 10 Best Road Trips in Miami & Southern Florida

The 10 Best Road Trips in Miami & Southern Florida

If you plan on taking a road trip, some of the best places to visit are in Miami and southern Florida. The warm climate and numerous tourist attractions will give you and anyone traveling with you an enjoyable time sightseeing and experiencing nature. Mark these destinations on your map and rent a nice car to visit them all during your time in the Sunshine State.

Daytona Beach

NASCAR fans will be familiar with Daytona Beach, as it hosts the annual Daytona 500 and numerous other racing events for Motocross and the Automobile Racing Club of America. However, there’s much more of interest in Daytona Beach than racing.

Daytona Beach is home to a glorious beach where many people enjoy the hot sun and cool waters of the Atlantic. Visitors can walk along the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, enjoy delectable foods, and ride the Ferris wheel to better view the city and beyond. Apart from the racing events, some festivals—such as the Greek Festival and the Halifax Art Festival—occur in November.

The Everglades National Park

If you want to take your road trip to a more natural location filled with water and wildlife, the Everglades National Park is a great option. In the park, there are numerous areas for fishing and enjoying time near the water after a long drive around the area.

The stretches of road that pass through these natural areas are great for cruising in a Bentley Continental rental from Miami, FL, since the city isn’t far from the park. You will likely also see wildlife, such as softshell turtles, alligators, and some otters. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the water for safety!

Venetian Pool, Coral Gables

In Coral Gables, you have the opportunity to swim in the historic Venetian Pool. This pool originates from an underground spring that people have visited since 1923, and the natural beauty continues as you explore the caves and swim near the waterfalls.

This location is unique in its natural appearance and beautiful blue waters. If you want a fun, relaxing, interactive experience in a watery environment, the Venetian Pool is a great stop for your road trip.

Naples Botanical Garden, Naples

The Naples Botanical Garden features a wide array of plant life, with various gardens scattered across the property. If you are looking for an opportunity to walk around, stretch your legs, and enjoy lovely greenery, this is the stop for you.

Areas such as Irma’s Garden feature exotic plants and flowers, while other areas, such as the Kapnick Caribbean Garden, create an image of a natural landscape on an island mountain. The different spots and gardens to explore will take you on a botanical adventure through different worlds and immerse you in impressive floral designs.

St. Augustine

For historians on the road, the city of St. Augustine has fascinating old-world architecture that remains well-kept for visitors. In fact, St. Augustine is the oldest European-established settlement in the US.

The city offers many museums, parks, and other points of interest around these older areas. Here, you can visit the National Monument Castillo de San Marcos, a structure Spanish explorers erected in the late 1500s.

Walt Disney World, Orlando

Known across the country and many parts of the world, Walt Disney World is a magical destination for one of the best road trips through southern Florida. Located in Orlando, you can stay in the Dolphin Resort and visit the beautiful theme park during the day.

The rides, iconic characters, and various foods make this a place everyone can enjoy. If you have kids, this may be the best destination on this list for you, as your children will love experiencing the rides and meeting their favorite Disney characters.

Artis–Naples, Naples

Whether you are a theater major, planning to become an art critic, or an artist of any kind, you will appreciate the complexity of Artis–Naples. Even people who don’t have the most experience with art will appreciate the events and visuals of the Artis–Naples and find some intriguing artwork to inspire creative thought.

Artis–Naples is home to the Naples Philharmonic, a highly talented orchestra that performs concerts, ballets, and operas for the public. For those interested in musicals, there are also musical productions, such as Aladdin, Mean Girls, and Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few.

And part of Artist–Naples, the Baker Museum homes numerous art pieces of varying styles, sculptures, and abstract architecture. Certain exhibitions occur annually, so might want to plan your visit to see the artwork you’re interested in.

Jungle Island, Miami

Jungle Island is a zoological park in Miami where you can feed and interact with animals from around the world. Kangaroos, lemurs, and capybaras are only some of the interesting wildlife you may see and interact with during your visit. You will also have the opportunity to go treetop trekking and experience the park high up in the air! Overall, Jungle Island will allow you to make life-long memories, securing its spot as a destination for the best road trips in Miami and southern Florida.

Key West Historic District, Key West

If you wish to surround yourself with older architecture and historic houses, the Key West Historic District is an ideal location to stop on your road trip. The area boasts various areas for shopping and sightseeing in the old and new districts, such as the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

The Miami Design District, Miami

The Miami Design District is where fashion, art, and architecture meet and are on constant display. The district is home to numerous shops for people to buy trendy clothes and unique attire, and around every corner, buildings boast eye-catching colorful designs and adornments.

This area is a great destination for a road trip and an entertaining area to walk around in. Even if you only plan on window shopping, you will still have a great time in this artistic district.

By visiting these road trip locations throughout Miami and southern Florida, you will make unforgettable memories. For the best road trip experience, consider renting a luxury car from EMC Rentals. Whether you want to cruise along the Everglades or arrive at the Key West Historic District in style, our luxury rental vehicles will give you an experience like none other. Contact us today!

The 10 Best Road Trips in Miami & Southern Florida