5 of the Best Scenic Drives in the Miami Area

5 of the Best Scenic Drives in the Miami Area

Known for its culture, view of the ocean, and exquisite cuisine, the city of Miami, Florida, has plenty to offer for any experience. One of the best ways to gain these experiences is by driving through the area. There will be specific places that will attract you more, but certain locations will always be a sight to behold.

Everglades National Park

One of the most extensive wetlands globally, this national park is a sight to behold. By going along the Tamiami Trail, you can see the park and all of its natural glories. Turtles, alligators, winding rivers or streams, and many mangroves will give your camera some use and bring you excitement.

Bill Baggs Cape State Park Lighthouse

Some of the best scenic drives in the Miami area will be along the coast. Bill Baggs Cape State Park gives a view of the Atlantic on one side and a view of a lighthouse on the other. The sight of the water at sunrise mixed with the timeless tropical feeling of a piece of Miami’s history makes this a great place to coast through. To make this a relaxing memory, roll your windows down so your music can mix with the sounds of the ocean.


Brickell is the city’s financial district. Here, you can see large corporate buildings and plenty of restaurants on the ground and on rooftops. This city area has a great view of the ocean along its coast and the artificial island of Brickell Key, allowing for a great driving experience with a big city aesthetic.

The best views will occur around sunset. The bright shades of the changing sky and the lights of the buildings are a spectacle to behold. Bringing an elite car such as a Bentley Continental rental will make the experience more savory.

Little Havana

For a more cultural experience, the neighborhood of Little Havana is one of the best scenic drives in the Miami area. Around the region, art appears in different forms as paintings on walls and in 3D models on the sidewalk. People can enjoy a brief drive through the neighborhood and still see artistic sights and experience cultural feelings.

Miami Beach

One of the most notorious areas of Miami, Miami Beach offers a multitude of restaurants, art galleries, and other businesses. The many bridges that connect it give a great view of the water, and the beachside streets offer a local scene of the beach. The changing water and clear sands’ pigments will interest drivers and make a fair-weathered day even better.

There will always be something to see in Miami. This city is unique in many ways and will continue to attract people to its roads. So go out and take a drive to make a memorable experience.