5 Must-Know Rules When Driving a Ferrari

5 Must-Know Rules When Driving a Ferrari

Taking your Ferrari out for a spin, whether you’re new to the car or a veteran, it always pays to have a few must-know rules when driving a Ferrari. With Ferraris being one of the most expensive vehicles available on the market, it’s not something you want to play fast and loose with.

Costing anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 dollars, you’ll need to take care of it, whether that means being cautious of other drivers, road conditions, or the climate. A momentary slipup can ruin your luxury car, which is something that you should want to avoid at all costs. So, make sure you have these points in mind the next time to get ready for a ride.

Keep a Safe Distance From the Car Infront of You

When you drive behind another car, you never know when they’ll hit the brakes and come to a sudden stop. Human reaction time is only so quick, and if you’re too close, you’ll slam into their rear and potentially total your car.

With most cars, but especially with Ferraris, drivers tend to go faster on roadways; this makes it more difficult to react to oncoming hazards such as erratic drivers ahead of you. Luckily, you can mitigate the danger and significantly increase your chances of missing these disastrous situations, and it’s as simple as distance management.

You need to give yourself a buffer zone, an area between you and the car ahead of you, to give you the time you need to react to sudden deceleration. When going fast down the highway, the ideal distance ranges from 50 to 100 feet behind the car ahead of you.

Always makes sure to give yourself the time you need to correct your course if someone starts driving unpredictably. Tailgating will get you nowhere and will only increase the odds of destroying your car.

Keep an Eye on What’s Behind You

No matter how fast you go, there can always be someone else with a lead foot flooring the gas pedal. You must always be aware of these drivers around you and take the necessary precautions before making any lane changes. Changing lanes before looking in your mirror can have you colliding with another car that’s flying down the highway, destroying your car and jeopardizing your safety.

Especially at higher speeds, you need to make sure that you have a clear path behind you before switching lanes. The faster a car travels, the less time you have to notice it or react. The best you can do is use your turn signals; this communicates your actions and intentions to other drivers.

And make lane switches slowly; give it about three to five seconds after you turn on your blinker before changing lanes. The last thing you need is someone smashing into your Ferrari’s rear and sending you flying down the roadway, totally out of control.

Adapt Your Driving to The Weather

Other drivers aren’t the only obstacles you need to contend with—you must also pay special attention to the weather conditions, both current and future. It stands to reason that on a warm day, with no clouds in the sky, and great visibility, you can relax and drive as normal. But always be mindful of imminent rain, icy roads, or decreased visibility.

All these factors will impact your driving ability, forcing you to change how you react. With rain and ice, you need to drive slower and pay attention to other drivers, making sure they do the same. With fog or heavy rainfall, factors that can decrease visibility, the same rule applies: drive slower and exercise more caution.

It’s normal to underestimate how much the weather impacts driving, but a vehicle can only do so much to compensate for inclement conditions. It’s up to you, the driver, to operate your car accordingly. Hydroplaning and skidding across icy or slick surfaces is a fast way to total your vehicle and send you to the ER.

Be Aware of the Local Environment and Road Conditions

The weather can provide numerous hazards, but you also need to be aware of the local environment and road quality. For the environment, this mostly means being careful of any wildlife in the area. Deer crossings, skunks, possums, and even tortoises in some tropical areas pose a threat to your car, both minor and significant.

Roads also present unique obstacles in that not every county maintains its roads year-round. It’s common to encounter potholes, gravel roads, and shifting surfaces, which can all play a role in decreasing handling. Be careful when you enter areas you aren’t familiar with, as you don’t know what kind of road quality you’ll encounter.

You not only need to be wary of imminent danger, like a sudden loss of traction and handling, but you must also think of the long-term effects. Driving over potholes can destroy a Ferrari’s suspension, resulting in costly repairs in the future. Take care of your vehicle and make sure to avoid worn-out roads whenever possible.

Navigate Slowly Through Smaller Towns

Finally, one of the most important rules of driving your Ferrari is to always take it slow when you get into smaller towns and communities. It’s not the same as driving on long highways or through huge city streets, as smaller towns require a delicate touch.

Smaller communities mean smaller streets, tighter corners, and compact building layouts. Nothing about that setting lends itself to fast and loose driving. You’ll only end up endangering pedestrians on roadways and risk near-misses, so make sure you bring the speed to within the speed limit.

Again, it’s not like highways where you can get away with going over the posted speed limit, so be careful and stay patient. You won’t be stuck in town forever.

Always Follow the Golden Rules

Ferraris are powerful machines, as they are some of the fastest commercially available vehicles on the planet, which makes it critical to follow the golden rules. Before committing to a purchase, always have some experience behind the wheel of a Ferrari, just to know how it handles in response to your driving. If you need Ferrari rentals in Miami, it’s always an option to get used to how they ride and whether you feel comfortable with them.

5 Must-Know Rules When Driving a Ferrari