5 Great Stops on a Miami to Key West Road Trip

5 Great Stops on a Miami to Key West Road Trip

The southern parts of Florida have numerous places with exciting views that will give you great memories to reminisce over. From the wonderful city of Miami to Key West, there are numerous places to travel to and enjoy. These locations will be the best options for places you should visit when you go on a trip from Miami to Key West.

A Summary of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a chain of islands in the southernmost part of Florida. This region has numerous towns, tourist sights, and attractions based around the concept of the surrounding ocean and its natural aspects. Life in the Florida Keys involves a lot of boating and fishing, with many residential areas feeling isolated. The archipelago receives a lot of rain and warm weather; many small islands are extremely vulnerable to hurricanes during hurricane season.

Preparing for the Trip

Going on a road trip from Miami to Key West will require some preparations. Many fun activities in the Florida Keys involve water since you’re right next to the Atlantic. You will want to bring swimwear and beach gear to prepare for the sea’s salty waters. Your way of transportation should be a reliable ride that suits cruising on a long trip; a Bentley Continental rental is a fantastic option for getting around.

The Southern Glades

Before you get onto the Overseas Highway, you should take a nice, relaxing drive through the Southern Glades. This conservation has a large landscape of marshes, grassy plains, and trails. These wetlands are home to many species considered threatened or endangered and create a habitat where they may thrive and recover from their current low population numbers.

The Most Recommended Activities

The Southern Glades area is known for having many places to perform outdoor activities, especially on the water. Suppose you plan on bringing your boat while on your trip from Miami to Key West; you’ll find that there are numerous places for you to move across the water. Since this park isn’t too far from the ocean, you will find plenty of spots with great sunset views.

The Everglades National park shares the same terrain and ecosystem as the Southern Glades, which means you may witness some wildlife, such as alligators and herons. For those who want to remain on land, there are numerous trails for hiking and biking, and some of these trails may lead to the Overseas Highway.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Coral reefs are sights of beauty, and the bright colors and interesting structures of the coral formations add more of an artistic appearance to the space underwater. At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, you will find a picturesque ocean view with sea-green water that allows you to see underneath the surface. The park holds the only living coral reef in the US, which stretches for a few miles into the Atlantic. The goal of the park is to preserve the reef and its organisms.

The Most Recommended Activities

Given the many sights in the water surrounding the park, numerous activities allow you to explore the area. Scuba, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boat tours are also available to give you a glimpse of the coral beds and seagrass. You might also spot wildlife such as snappers, sea anemones, and even the occasional manatee near the bay area. Make sure you bring your underwater camera to take pictures as you dive below the surface and experience underwater life.

Theater of the Sea

In Islamorada, one of the villages of the Florida Keys, there is a place called the Theater of the Sea. This destination sports numerous forms of sea life, such as dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, and tropical birds, such as parrots and macaws. The Theater of the Sea offers numerous shows and experiences, making it akin to a semi-aquatic zoo that’s unique to the Florida Keys.

The Most Recommended Activities

This location offers plenty of opportunities to get close and interact with animals. With the help of a trained professional, you may get in the water with dolphins, sting rays, and alligators to experience them in their natural environment. This adventure provides an incredible memory to carry with you forever.

Rain Barrel Artisan Village

Islamorada is also home to a quaint shopping center where you will find local art and gifts that reflect the atmosphere of the Florida Keys. The Rain Barrel Village gets its name from the 5,000-gallon cypress cistern that belonged to the property previously. This small shopping area supports local artists and displays their work for sale in the many shops that line the area.

The Most Recommended Activities

You will find many items to take home when you return from Key West. You can purchase sculptures for your garden, colorful jewelry, windchimes of sea glass, and more here. You may also speak to the artists as you browse to discover their inspirations for making the art and any pieces you find interesting.

Dolphin Connection

This program in Hawks Cays is home to a pod of bottlenose dolphins. The educational institute trains and cares for bottlenose dolphins while studying their behavioral patterns. Researchers and specialists from around the world have made numerous advancements in the marine biology field at this facility. The Dolphin Connection also offers the public a chance to visit the facility and learn about these wonderful sea mammals.

The Most Recommended Activities

Many people want to do one thing when they visit the Dolphin Connection: swim with the dolphins. This institute is a great place to visit while on a road trip from Miami to Key West, as learning about aquatic life makes for an exciting stop. Visitors may make reservations to swim with dolphins ahead of time and learn about specific behaviors in areas such as their intelligence, agility, and strength. The Dolphin Connection is a fun and educational place for families and friends to enjoy their time while taking a quick break from their journey.

On your way to Key West, you’ll encounter a variety of places to stop by and enjoy. These locations will make your trip special and give you whimsical memories to think about when you return to Miami. There are multiple unique places to visit in the southernmost parts of Florida, and you should take your time as you experience all the region has to offer.

5 Great Stops on a Miami to Key West Road Trip