Why Lamborghini Got Rid of the Manual Transmission

Why Lamborghini Got Rid of the Manual Transmission

Lamborghini is a brand known worldwide thanks to the amazing performance and appearance of its vehicle. Many people are accustomed to the automatic version of these vehicles, but some may remember the models that came with a manual transmission. The Lamborghini with a manual transmission is no longer in production for multiple reasons stemming back a decade.

When Were Manual Lamborghinis Produced?

For decades, Lamborghini manufactured vehicles with a manual transmission that allowed for a greater amount of quality amount by people who enjoyed driving fast. The last Lamborghini model produced with a manual transmission was the Gallorado, which ended its production in 2014.

Lamborghini cut the long-term line of manual transmissions for numerous reasons, whereas other luxury car brands continued to create more manual vehicles. Most of these reasons involved the changing automotive world and the different vehicle technologies that continued to evolve.

The Rise of Automatic Cars and the Fall of the Manual Transmission

Many vehicles nowadays have automatic transmissions, while the number of manual transmissions is more limited. Many people enjoy the ease of use of an automated car compared to manual vehicles that require timing and precision to drive.

The manual transmission became less popular over the years, and many car companies soon switched to solely producing automatic vehicles. Lamborghini followed this trend to keep up with the competition and limit the amount they spent on car parts. In an ironic twist, manual vehicles are now cheaper due to their lack of popularity, while automatics reign supreme.

The Advancing Technology of Lamborghini

Lamborghinis gained fame from their stellar performance and great appearance, which came from the evolution of their design and advancing technologies. The technology in modern Lamborghinis is much faster and more powerful compared to a few decades ago; this technology requires more control and handling than a manual transmission will provide.

Lamborghini discontinued manual models because automatics transmissions could better keep up with the vehicle's higher speeds. As you approach 200 mph in your Lamborghini Aventador, you'll want a smooth transition to higher speeds without the hassle of pressing the clutch and moving the stick shift.

The full shift to automatic Lamborghinis has given the brand the focus they need to advance. Although car enthusiasts won't have the chance to drive newer Lamborghinis in a manual format, they will have the option of going at fast speeds. If you want to experience a fast automatic vehicle, look for a Lamborghini car rental in Miami, FL, for a fun drive down Ocean Drive.