Interesting Facts About the Bentley You Should Know

Interesting Facts About the Bentley You Should Know

Bentleys hold a superb reputation in the automotive world as some of the most luxurious cars to drive. While many people may know the specs of Bentleys and some of their history, these facts will interest you and give you some more information about the brand. Read on for facts about the Bentley you should know.

Bentley Made an Armored Vehicle for the Queen of England

Before Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee in 2002, Bentley Motors made two armored vehicles—the Bentley State Limousines—to protect her. These vehicles have numerous defense features, such as armored plating on the exterior and bulletproof glass. The tires consist of kevlar, and the cabin has an airtight feature to protect the queen from a gas attack.

The vehicles are an augmented form of an Arnage R version with a V8 engine and 400 hp. The cabin is 10 inches taller, with coach doors that open at 90 degrees, allowing for easier access and the space to stand up before exiting the vehicle. The remarkable ingenuity of the Bentley State Limousines is an interesting fact about Bentleys, and understanding the great engineering put into these cars shows how remarkable this brand is.

A Paperweight Inspired the Engine

In 1919, Walter Owen Bentley founded Bentley Motors Unlimited intending to create well-performing cars. The idea that came to him originated from an aluminum paperweight. Bentley considered aluminum’s light weight and durability and thought it would be a great material for engine pistons instead of cast iron, which most engines used.

He experimented with different aluminum alloys until he found a balanced formula of 88 percent aluminum and 12 percent copper. These pistons assisted vehicles in World War I and made the reliable engines that propelled Bentley vehicles into the spotlight of the public.

The Leather Interior Is Hand-Stitched

Bentleys have comfortable interiors because of the specialized leather from bulls’ hides that have more durability. Another feature that makes the leather interior so special is its hand-stitching. Anywhere you find leather, whether it’s on the seats or the steering wheel, someone hand-stitched it to excellence.

Manufacturers may use a fork to accurately position the holes where the stitching will go for precision and symmetry. The next time you think about luxury vehicles, consider the efforts to make them transcend the standards of other cars.

Numerous features about Bentleys make them interesting vehicles. If you’re in Florida and want to rent one of these luxurious vehicles, look into the options at EMC Rentals to find a Bentley rental in Miami, FL to drive a fascinating car.