A Look Into the 10 Best Rolls-Royce Models Ever Made

A Look Into the 10 Best Rolls-Royce Models Ever Made

Rolls-Royce is a prestigious automotive brand with stylishly unique cars. Each model from this brand brings elegance, class, and a sense of flair, and their elite look lets anyone know that the driver is high class.

Distinctive features such as the unique hood ornaments and shape make these cars sights to behold. Rolls-Royce also keeps up with the latest technological trends and implements them into their newest models. What’s truly impressive about each vehicle is the amount of detail that goes into it. For instance, a single man named Mark Court has done all the pinstriping for Rolls-Royce within the past couple of decades—his only job is to hand paint pinstripes on every car with the most incredible precision possible.

Rolls-Royce vehicles are easily some of the unique cars in the automotive world. However, some have had more popularity and better sales throughout the brand’s century of production. Here’s a look into the 10 best Rolls-Royce models ever made.

10) Rolls-Royce Corniche, or the Bentley Continental (1971–1995)

This 2-door vehicle is a classic from the early 1970s. This model has a top speed of around 118 miles per hour, allowing it to move fast in the countryside.

The Corniche is both a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley, since both brands acted as supervisors and suppliers for the model. This car was an excellent choice for an evening drive on an empty road due to its speed and long-distance capabilities.

9) Rolls-Royce Twenty (1922–1929)

With this model’s unique, high-end style, people now look upon it fondly. The spare tire hangs on the front, which is typical of coach cars. The cabin had a wide range of windows, allowing sightseeing on fair days. Nearly 3,000 models sold within its seven years of production. The car came with an I6 engine and a maximum transmission of 4, allowing a top speed of 60 miles per hour; this was considered a high speed at the time.

8) Rolls-Royce Phantom III (1936–1939)

A rare treasure with only 727 models made, the Phantom III was an ancestor of the current globally known model. This car was the first Rolls-Royce model with a V12 engine, and it was entirely made of aluminum, decreasing the chance of overheating and enabling longer drives. The Phantom III reached 88 miles per hour, making it the fastest model that Rolls-Royce had produced until that point.

7) Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé (2007–2016)

The notorious coupe style of cars can make it onto almost any list of top vehicles. The sports-car look of the Phantom Drophead Coupé was attractive to many luxury car enthusiasts and offered an exciting drive. This vehicle is fashionable and valuable, with a lower center of gravity, which provides better balance. The car came with 4 seats and 2 doors. The doors have a rearward opening style, similar to that of a coach, bringing an old-school feeling to a modern car.

6) Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn (2015–present)

The versatile Dawn model has a hood with the ability to open and close to stay prepared for multiple occasions. Like most Black Badge models, this version is faster and has more power within the engine. The carbon fiber composite wheels and improved torque make the operation of this car a quick, pleasurable experience.

5) Rolls-Royce Ghost (2009–present)

Rolls-Royce had a milder version of the Phantom model in mind when it created the Ghost. The idea behind the Ghost was also to create a more efficient everyday car for the people. Compared to the Phantom, this car is more economically favorable.

The Ghost has more space in the front and back seats, and the design of the carapace is different from that of other Rolls Royce models—it’s unique to the Ghost.

4) Rolls-Royce Wraith (2013–2022)

The Wraith has a body similar to that of a sedan but the general figure of most modern Rolls-Royce models. The 2013 model pays homage to the original 1938 Wraith model with its personally designed chassis. A V12 engine with an 8-speed transmission allows this car to move at 155 miles per hour in a short time.

3) Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan (2018–present)

The only full sedan model made by Rolls-Royce, the Cullinan is a stand-alone model that will satisfy any driver. The design has the familiar pieces of the rectangular grill and detailed interior while maintaining the smooth, wide image of a sedan. The engine is a V12, and the Black Badge version has more power and more RPM. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds.

2) Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheel Base (2017–present)

This model is an extended version of the modern Phantom. The long body gives plenty of legroom in the interior for multiple people. The next time you wish to go to an event and show up in the most stylish way possible, give this model a try. The vast body makes it harder to gain top speeds more quickly, but the horsepower behind it still provides this car with a claim to fame.

1) Rolls-Royce Phantom (1925–present)

A celebrity within the elite vehicle world, the Rolls-Royce Phantom tops our look into the 10 best Rolls-Royce models ever made. This model has had numerous successful iterations, and the brand gained more success and attention with every new model produced. The many options for customization and implemented technology have kept this vehicle in the spotlight for years.

The aluminum V12 engine and interior make this car the fastest Rolls-Royce model produced, allowing speeds up to 155 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. Although this car can fly down the road effortlessly, it will have a better use cruising down the street for all to see.

The Rolls-Royce brand has created some of the best car designs for almost a century, and it will continue to make only the best vehicles for only the best drivers. Meanwhile, there are numerous ways you can get your hands on one of these luxury cars, including through our Rolls-Royce rentals in Miami.

A Look Into the 10 Best Rolls-Royce Models Ever Made