10 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting a Car

10 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting a Car

When we decide to rent a car, we find the vehicle that suits our needs and helps us get to our location. But before you leave the rental company and drive your car off the lot, it’s essential to know what responsibilities and risks come with taking care of a rental car. There are some fundamental questions that you’ll need to ask to feel secure in your purchase.

What Is the Make, Model, and Year?

Before renting your car, it’s essential to know as much as possible about the vehicle. A flashy paint job and sleek frame are only parts of the vehicle and don’t represent the entirety of what makes the car unique. Every vehicle should list its make, model, and year since these three aspects will help you determine if the car is of good quality or less up-to-date with current technology.

The vehicle’s make refers to its brand, such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, BMW, etc. Every brand has a different way of manufacturing vehicles to make them unique with various features, which are essential to note when choosing a car.

A vehicle model is a car manufactured under a brand with various features that differ from the other models. A Ferrari Enzo differs from a Ferrari Gran Turismo in the size, shape, and speed it reaches despite being of the same make. It’s essential to understand the model; even if your primary goal is to find a nice Ferrari rental in Miami, FL, for your trip, you still want to know what the car is capable of.

Knowing the year of the car is also important so that you know what to expect when driving. Vehicles in 2007 didn’t have many technological features besides a working radio and features to help with handling or gear shifting. Meanwhile, cars in the past few years have better technology with options for temperature control, rear-facing cameras, and automatic emergency braking.

Paying attention to all of this information will help you make the best decision when choosing a rental vehicle. Make sure you ask about other makes and models to see if there’s anything more affordable or with better features.

Can I See the Car’s History?

The vehicle’s history shows the transactions, maintenance, and past ownership of the car. This information is important to know if a car is riskier than others. If a car rental suffered from an accident and the left front axil received most of the impact, it would be wise to show a little more discretion when making left turns.

The vehicle history will act as a list of everything the car has experienced, and if the list is long, you know that the vehicle has been around for a while. If you want a car with less possibility of wear and tear, look for a newer rental with a shorter history.

When Is the Exact Deadline?

It’s essential to bring the rental back on time, so asking for the deadline is crucial when renting a car. Every rental period has an end date, and going past that deadline will result in fees.

The deadline will have a day and time that you will need to adhere to. It’s essential to keep the time aspect in mind so that if you’re running late, you at least know the exact time they need it back by. Some rental companies offer grace periods, which will allow you a small window for tardiness. While you shouldn’t rely too heavily on it, it’s good knowledge to have.

Will My Insurance Cover a Possible Accident?

Most car rental companies offer vehicle insurance coverage, but it will cost you an extra daily fee. Insurance companies offer different plans that may cover rental cars involved in an accident. Before renting a car, call your insurance company and ask them if they will cover damages from a collision and how much they are willing to pay.

What Fees Come With This Car?

Every rental company has fees that they will charge you in certain situations. They will add the fee to your bill if you get in an accident, scratch the car, or lose the keys. When renting a car, it’s essential to ask about all the potential fees to help you save money and be more cautious with the car. Also, take pictures of the vehicle before you drive it so that the company has something to compare it to when you return it.

What Maintenance Is Required While I Have It?

You’ll need to ensure that the vehicle remains intact and that you keep the interior well-maintained. Even though the car will have likely had maintenance work done before you rented it, you’ll still want to make sure it doesn’t have any visibly broken parts.

Do I Have a Mileage Limit?

Some rentals have a limited amount of distance that they are allowed to go. These limits may stop at the edge of a city or a state, but you must adhere to them, or you could receive an extra fee. Some companies will limit the mileage, saying you can’t drive more than 100 miles in a car in three days. You will need to ask before you leave to make sure you plan accordingly.

What Are the Conditions of My Rental Agreement?

Every contract has terms and conditions you must abide by, usually involving terms against misconduct or criminal activity. Read the entire agreement or ask the employees what the synopsis of each condition entails. This question is important so that you don’t breach the contract and get in trouble with the company.

Can I Drive With Other People?

Some companies want you to drive alone in their rental car and make you pay an additional fee to allow others in the passenger seat, such as your partner. If you have someone with you, even if it’s your child, make sure you ask the rental company about their conditions for having multiple passengers to avoid fees.

What Type of Fuel Does the Vehicle Take?

Different vehicles require different grades of fuel. For example, larger vehicles may need diesel, while luxury vehicles need premium. The company will know the car’s specifications, including the fuel it needs. So if you need to return the vehicle with a full tank or if you ever run out of gas, you’ll know what you need.

Renting a car will help you get to your location, and you should have as much information as possible. Ask plenty of questions while in the office before signing the rental agreement so that you know what to expect with your rental.

10 Essential Questions To Ask When Renting a Car